Your Home’s Interior

Welcome to the third blog in our series about how you can spring clean your home like an expert. Presumably, your back yard and your front yard now look absolutely incredible and you are ready to roll up your sleeves once again to tackle the great indoors. Stick with us through this thorough to-do list to get the inside of your home sparkling clean, even in the places you don’t usually look. And if this list seems daunting, worry not, you won’t have to do any of this again for an entire year.

  • Get scrubbing your kitchen sink. You can make it shine with some lemon rind and baking soda concoctions.
  • Clean the oven. If you have the benefit of a self-cleaning oven, lucky you – simple click start and let the oven do the work for you.
  • Dust the baseboards. Even professional home cleaners often skip this step. That’s why we recommend getting down on all fours at least once a year to tackle the dust bunnies and dirt that have built up on your baseboards.
  • Take everything out of your fridge and clean clean clean. Scum marks from food, even mould, can surface in your fridge and an annual (at least) clean is necessary.
  • Open your cabinets and get wiping. A simple water-vinegar solution should do to help remove any grime that has built up over the year.
  • Throw your shower curtain in the washing machine and scrub down your shower liner (or replace it if it’s mouldy).
  • Purge your toiletries like old makeup brushes, old toothbrushes and empty contact cases you aren’t using anymore. Go through it all and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore.
  • Get grouting! There is little more satisfying than this short and sweet job to transform your bathroom.
  • Vacuum everything. Literally, from your furniture to your heat vents to your throw pillows to your curtains and more, devote one morning to giving your vacuum a serious run for its money.
  • Dust until you bust. Those old bookshelves, the tops of your ceiling fans, your mattress, your kid’s toys, even your ceiling itself – these areas are all harbouring a lot of dust and rarely get cleaned in even the cleanest households.
  • Wash and Dry, but not just your clothes. Your pillows, duvets, comforters, kids stuffed animals and anything else that you can throw directly in your machine (or put in a pillowcase first). While you are spending so much time in the laundry room, why not also wash your washing machine itself. You can purchase disinfectants and, in many cases, clean your washing machine and dryer filter.
  • Steam clean your carpets and area rugs. Considering the amount of coffee and food and dirt and who knows what else has gotten on them over the year, this is an essential annual or bi-annual chore.
  • Did you know that even your electronics are covered in bacteria? Use an alcohol wipe to wash your phone, tv, remote controls, computer mouse and keyboard and get rid of the germs they have accumulated all year long!
  • Last but not least…. Your junk drawer, or junk drawers! We all have them, we all love and hate them, and we all need to go through them and do the annual purge!

CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! Let us know in the comments below if you have already finished your homes spring cleaning, and if you have any amazing spring-cleaning hacks to share with our readers.


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