Spring Cleaning for your Backyard

Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part series on helping you tackle spring cleaning this season. The first step in spring cleaning your backyard, especially after our long Canadian winters, is to pick up all of the garbage and debris that has been hiding beneath the mounds of snow for the past few months and raking your entire yard. Once you have a clear space to work with, sit down and make a plan to tackle each of the following must-do spring cleaning tasks for your backyard.

  • Wash your patio furniture, just like you would wash your dishes! With warm water and dish detergent simply wipe them down and they will look just like new.
  • Prune your trees. Cut back dead branches from trees and shrubs alike. Pruning will really help the health of your trees and shrubs all summer long while creating a bountiful garden you can adore all season.
  • Clean and organize your outdoor tools.  Whether that means packing away your snowblower and pulling out your lawnmower or lubricating the wheel bearing on your lawnmower, this might be the most important task to make the next few months easy. Check that all your machinery is in working condition and replace any broken parts.
  • Prepare your gardens. Start with making a plan for your garden beds, potted plants, grass, soil and compost. Till the soil now to prepare for the growing season.
  • Inspect and clean your decks and patios. Look out for peeling paint, cracks, and anything else that requires repair and get to work now. This includes crawling underneath your decks and removing anything lurking there after the long winter.
  • Ignite your inner designer! From adding mulch to designing your entire backyard from scratch (or calling our team to help) with pathways, walkways, irrigation systems and stonework, there is no better time than now to get imagining.

Great work! Now, go get some propane and start the BBQ, call your friends over… your property is ready for spring!

Has the process of spring cleaning your backyard left you inspired to do more back there? We have a team of incredibly innovative, creative and efficient landscape designers who are at your service and eager to help you make your backyard even more appealing than it already is. Call us now for a free consultation!

Stay tuned for PART 3 next week


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