Spring Cleaning the Front of Your House

Spring is officially here and that means that it is time to roll up your sleeves and start your annual spring-cleaning adventure. While many people dread this annual chore, our team of landscaping experts love watching properties transform from their dreary winter states to awe-inspiring properties that stop those passing by right in their tracks. If you aren’t quite ready to tackle spring cleaning on your own, call our team today for some help. But if you are eager to work, enjoy our three-part blog series with our tried and true tips for spring cleaning the front of your house, your backyard and the interior of your home.

We always recommend that homeowners start with the obvious spots of the home. You will motivate yourself by tackling easy jobs first that have a big visual and aesthetic impact. Then, once you are inspired by how amazing your work is looking, you can move onto the jobs we intentionally ignore all year round!

Spring Cleaning for the Front of Your House

  • Clean your doormats (both inside and outside, this will help to tackle all that springtime mud you will be trekking in).
  • Let the light shine through. Clean your windows, from top to bottom, blinds and all. Even scrub down the windowsills and if you are up for it, vacuum your drapes. The result will be remarkable.
  • Repaint your door or deck. A flash of bright clean coloured paint can completely transform your curb appeal, making you proud every time you walk towards your door.
  • Wash your patio furniture. Yes, just like you would wash your dishes! With warm water and dish detergent simply wipe them down and they will look just like new.
  • Get that pressure washer out! Power wash your porch, your deck, and even the entire exterior of your house. Do your research first on the appropriate pressure for each surface and then enjoy the power of power washing!

We hope that these tips help make your spring-cleaning experience an effective, sustainable and even enjoyable process. If your yard is now clean and you are still aching for something more, call our team today to discuss landscaping and design services that we offer – from interlock to decks to pergolas and more, we can transform your curb appeal fast and affordable.

Check back next week for Part 2 – Spring Cleaning for your Backyard!


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