Searching for an alternative to regular concrete when envisioning your ideal driveway, parking lot or paved space? With its ease of installation and the added benefit of allowing for fluid infiltration, permeable pavement can deliver the same result as asphalt along with a number of additional perks. 

It’s Low Cost

Permeable pavement is less expensive than regular asphalt and concrete, which require a significantly larger amount of labor to install. As well, because the pavement grids are made from plastic, you’ll be able to save on shipping costs due to their light weight. Most materials can also be sourced locally. 

It’s Easy To Install

Unlike asphalt, permeable pavement does not require expensive equipment for its installation. The ground is first cleared of debris and vegetation, a layer of rock is installed as a base and then the grids are laid out or sized to fit around any objects before being filled. This can be done relatively easily and efficiently with the right team.

It’s Cooler 

We’ve all been there – you step onto a regular asphalt surface in the middle of summer only to scorch your foot or feel the heat vibrating off of it. Luckily, permeable pavement doesn’t produce this same amount of heat and maintains the same temperature as its surroundings. 

It’s Safe

Ever slipped on your asphalt driveway during an icy winter? With permeable pavement, that’ll no longer be a concern. Given that precipitation and water seep through it, you’ll never end up with a slippery slope. Even if temperatures hit below the freezing mark, your permeable pavement will remain safe to walk or drive on.

It’s Sustainable

Permeable paving is made from natural and recycled materials such as resin, marble and recycled glass, making it an ideal option for those seeking to make sustainable choices in their lives. The same definitely can’t be said for traditional asphalt pavement.

It Can Be Temporary

Oftentimes, businesses with large land plots might require temporary accommodation if they’re hosting a large event or there are some type of festivities happening. Enter permeable pavement. Grids can be laid down over a bed of temporary gravel, and easily cleared away once the land is to be returned to its original state.

Whether you’re hoping to save on costs, be more environmentally-conscious or quickly switch up your outdoor space, give us a call today to learn more about how permeable pavement can be of benefit to you.


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