We have all heard about studies saying that we determine our impression of people based on the first few seconds that we meet them. Well, believe it or not, the same logic goes for your home. In fact, many realtors actually study the psychology of decision making and how first impressions (often based on curb appeal) can influence buyers’ decisions. Whether you are settled into your home for life or looking to put your home on the market anytime soon, your curb appeal will have a huge impact on both the potential to sell your home and your personal enjoyment of it. Here are our five favorite landscape tips to improve your curb appeal.

1. Customize: First and foremost, take a long look at your house. Notice how it sits in space, what shape it takes, and then design your gardens based on that house. For example, if your home is on the larger side, choose medium-sized shrubs in a row and group plants rather than planting small flowers which may go unnoticed relative to your large home.

2. Hardscape: Choose new unique hardscape to draw attention to a garden bench, a flowerbed, a rock garden, a fish pond, retaining walls, water features, decks or walkways.

3. Color: You will turn heads by creating a landscaping design and gardens that are alive with bright colors that match or compliment the color of your home. Choose colors that accent your home for your gardens and vice versa.

4. Accessorize: From a new doormat to a shiny new mailbox or hanging porch plants, these little touches are game changes when it comes to curb appeal.

5. Paint: A fresh coat of paint on your front door can do wonders. A fresh coat of paint on your house will transform the way you see it (and others) instantaneously. These five simple steps will make landscaping your property easy and fun to do while increasing your curb appeal for you and your family or for potential buyers. Finally, remember to choose designs that are inspiring to you, easy to maintain and of course, sustainable throughout all four Canadian seasons.

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