Are you wondering what questions to ask your landscaper before signing that contract? With spring around the corner, homeowners just like you are looking for reliable landscapers to help transform their yards into awe-inspiring spaces that will host unforgettable summer barbecues and turn heads in the neighborhood. Whether you want to design a new outdoor garden, install a deck, or build a retaining wall, it is essential that you hire an expert that you can count on. Read on for five essential questions you should be asking your potential future Landscaper before agreeing to their terms and conditions:

  1. What services do you offer? Take time to sit down with your potential landscaper and determine exactly what services they offer and if they will work with your vision. If you need sodding and a retaining wall, and their company only offers one or the other, try to seek out a company that provides both to ease project management on your end.
  2. Can I have a look at your portfolio and references?  Ask the contractor if they specialize in the type of plan you are looking after, and if they do, ask to see some of the projects they have completed and ask for references.
  3. How long is the estimated time of the project? Just like any home improvement project, unexpected issues such as bad weather are a plausibility, hence it is hard for the landscaper to pin down a completion date. Be sure to let your contractor know your non-negotiable project end-date, but be aware that schedule-altering events that are uncontrollable, and common.
  4. Do you provide any kind of Guarantee? Before starting with your project, make sure to ask your Landscaper about all sorts of guarantees or warranties on workmanship and products: Are you bonded? Are you insured? Are you fully licensed? After all, you’ll probably be paying a noteworthy sum of cash, and you want your project to last. Clarify what is and what is not included in their coverage and cross reference with other companies before signing on
  5. What happens after the work is done? The project is done. You have the garden of your dreams. But sometimes, you might be in for a few unfortunate surprises. Before you tackle any venture, ask how much and what kind of work your yard and plants will require throughout time. At Stone Roots Landscaping, for example, we provide maintenance for all our clients upon request.

When looking for a landscaping contractor, knowing what questions to ask can definitely help the process go smoothly. So ask the right questions (it is expected, so don’t hesitate) and expect the right answers in order to find the professionals who will make your landscaping dreams come true.

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