Canada might be one of the very few countries that goes through the cycle of extreme weather conditions. Even though the winter season technically comprises of December, January, and February, in Canada it often covers most of March and can sometimes stretch all the way until April. That’s a long time for your deck to be under all that accumulated snow, which can cause damage to your deck’s surface and structures if not properly taken care of.
Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to ensure your deck survives and remains sound and sleek during those final months of winter.

Shovel the snow:

Leaving the snow accumulated can weigh down your deck, and while you can cover certain parts of it in a sheet or tarp, some of them will probably remain uncovered, which will cause the wood to absorb water then freeze. Use a broom or plastic shovel to keep the snow build-up to a minimum.

Avoid using sharp-edged tools:

Using sand or tools with sharp edges to get rid of the snow and ice can scratch the surface of your deck and cause damage. Make sure to always use a plastic shovel and shovel in the same direction that the boards are laid to avoid gouging the wood surface.

Check for deck damage:

Warm days are repair days. Make sure to check all the wooden materials of your deck for areas that might have formed rot, such as the boards and railings. If left untreated, rotted wood could eventually break under the weight of the ice and the snow.

Wash the surfaces of your deck:

Once the weather begins to warm up and the ice and snow start melting, wash the surfaces of your deck with a diluted soap solution and some warm water. This will help remove all the accumulated debris, dirt and chemicals. Be careful not to blast the surface with an intense pressure washer, as this can drive the debris deeper into the material.

For more information about deck care and repair, it is recommended to work with a professional team that will help you understand the material and maintenance process your deck needs to stay in good condition. At Stone Roots Landscaping, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about cleaning up your deck this spring. Call us today for your FREE consultation!


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