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Ten years ago, two university friends joined forces in their passion for landscaping and created a small side business to help cover their tuition fees. Through continued training and hands-on experience, this small side hustle skyrocketed into a successful business for both of them. Today, Allister Gaudet runs Stone Roots Landscaping and has spent the last ten years working tirelessly to beautify the front lawns, backyards, walkways, and public decks you see as you stroll throughout the Ottawa region.

Famous for their impeccable stone interlocking skills and timeless deck and pergola design, Allister Gaudet is proud to serve the Ottawa community as Stone Roots Landscaping. He believes that quality and success depends on your roots - and our company is rooted in local pride, hard work and humility. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional landscaping services in Ottawa that are always:

  • High-Quality
  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Friendly

company mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, beautiful, and expert-level landscaping services to businesses and homeowners alike throughout Ottawa and the surrounding area.


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Time management is our top priority. Every project is completed on time, every time.

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Every cost is explained in writing at our initial meeting. No surprises, no stress.


We work hard and efficiently to ensure every project remains on budget.

Certified and Guaranteed

All of our projects include a written contract and two year guarantee.

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