Spring is on the way and chances are that you are starting to pay more attention to your home decor and garden. You’re going to want a beautiful landscape to relax in when you get spare time in the evenings, on the weekends, and during your days off. This is when you might want to start reaching out to a landscape contractor! Here’s everything you need to know on the subject!

What Exactly is Landscape Design?

Let’s start out by clearing up exactly what landscape design is. Many people make the mistake of confusing landscape design with basic gardening. Almost anyone can garden-it entails the bare basics, such as mowing the lawn, pulling up weeds, watering plants and generally carrying out a little maintenance work. But landscape design takes garden design to a whole new professionalized level. Landscape design is an art. It involves designing gardens to look like beautiful spaces. Landscape designers rearrange and recreate the spaces they work with. The purpose of this can be either practical, aesthetic, or a combination of the two. Either way, when you work with a landscape designer, you will generally find yourself left with a yard or other outdoor space that looks prim, proper, and well presented.

Who Will a Landscape Designer Work For?

You will usually find that any landscape designer you come across will be a contractor. They generally work on a one-job basis, swooping in with their expertise in backyard design and tackling one-off projects on your behalf. These projects may take a little time to complete and you may get back in touch with the landscape designer in the future to carry out another overhaul, but these individuals aren’t generally the type of worker you will have visiting you on an extended daily or weekly basis. Landscape designers may specialize in residential or commercial work, but many will work across the two different fields, simply altering their approach depending on the given client.

What Does a Landscape Gardener Need to Know?

Landscape gardening requires a great balance of creativity and factual knowledge. Deep and far-reaching knowledge of horticulture is essential when engaging with landscape design. At the end of the day, a landscape designer will need to have a good understanding of which plants will thrive in which environments. There’s no point putting a plant in the wrong place, as it won’t thrive-it will wither and die. This means they have to put a lot of thought into which areas of your garden are shaded, which will have the most exposure to rainfall, and which has the best quality soil. This is what will give your outdoor space a lasting transformation.


Backyard design goes beyond lawns, plants, trees, and hedges. Landscaping may also involve construction work, such as fitting decks, ponds, patio or driveway installation. Everything needs to interlock aesthetically, at the same time as being safe and functional. This is quite the feat to master! So, if you want your backyard to have the perfect scenery for your #picoftheday online and you’re based in Ottawa, make sure to reach out to us at Stone Roots Landscaping! We’ll really make your garden something to be proud of in your #homesweethome.


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